Word Wipe

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Word Wipe tests your vocabulary for a limited time. In the allotted time, match letters that are close together to form a meaningful word and achieve the goal.

Benefits of Word Wipe

This game belongs to the puzzle genre to test the level of each player. It not only entertains you but also improves your vocabulary. In particular, when playing this entertaining game, the difficulty of each level will increase. Therefore, it is an ideal environment for you to practice your ability.

Starting Levels

Each level will require you to perform a different task. For example, level 1 will ask you to remove 1 row of letters in 130 seconds. To accomplish this goal, look at the entire playing screen with random letters. Let's match the letters that can form a complete word to remove them. After clearing, there will be space created and gradually forming empty rows.

You can connect letters that are next to each other. These letters can be joined in a vertical line, a horizontal line, or an oblique line. Besides, you can use bombs to destroy a letter you desire.

After completing each level, this online game will summarize your score according to the following parameters: total score, this level's score, highest level, best word, best word's score, and lines cleared.