Zombie Shooter

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Zombie Shooter takes place in each level where you need to shoot down all zombies that are hiding in every corner of the map with a limited number of bullets.

Zombie Shooter All Levels

All levels in this shooting game follow the same principle: kill zombies. It is similar to the gameplay of Time Shooter 2 where you also have to destroy all your enemies by shooting at each level. The variety of levels will bring a variety of challenges and experiences for all players.

Back to this Zombie Shooter game! Each of its levels will take place with the appearance of zombies that are slowly taking over the desolate desert land. As a brave soldier, you need to stop this spread and bring peace to each level. If you have ever participated in this online game, you will easily notice the difference between the levels: the number of zombies and the terrain of the map will completely change after each move to a new level.

How To Win By Shooting Down

To win, you have no other method than killing zombies with your available gun. Your gun will have a limited number of bullets, so each bullet is very valuable. You should look carefully before deciding to pull the trigger. Besides, the game has no time limit. Therefore, don't hesitate to take advantage of this to save bullets.

Your bullets also have a special ability: they can shoot back after colliding with obstacles. Use this ability to reach zombies in difficult positions that you can't normally aim at. This is even more important when your character cannot move. Instead, you can just use this method to give flexibility to the firing process.