Zoo Boom

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Zoo Boom takes you into an exciting jungle world with lots of different animals where you will click on the same animals to remove and create amazing reactions.

This online game does not have many features, but every feature of it leaves an impression on each player.

Zoo Boom Impressions

First, the players are often impressed by the graphics. Graphics are designed with a lot of colors and characters. Each object is an animal such as an elephant, snake, lion, and duck. The colors of these characters are harmoniously combined to create an eye-catching play environment. Second, the effect is also great as you can enjoy every change in movement in this entertaining game.

Guide To Win

This Zoo Boom puzzle game will require you to pass each level by completing the tasks of that level. To achieve this goal, you need to click on a location with the same animals to remove them. When the animals are cleared, they will give you points.

Besides, there will be new animals with new powers created when you can remove many animals at once. For example, when you remove 5 same animals at once, you get a fly. When clicking on this fly, all characters in the same row will be destroyed.