Clicker Monsters

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Clicker Monsters gives you thousands of different monsters to slay, level up, and explore new lands. Destroying them is simple with mouse clicks.

Your clicks become stronger than ever when you can destroy monsters with this action.

What You Win When You Click

A lot of idle games have been released before. One of the standout games is Cookie Clicker City. Games of this genre all have one thing in common: click to achieve different goals. This Clicker Monsters game is no exception.

Click To Kill Monsters

Each of your clicks deals a certain amount of damage to increase the monster's health. Monsters will be destroyed after they are exhausted. While playing, you need to pay attention to the level of the monster. A high level will bring you more coins. However, they are also more difficult to destroy because the health of high-level monsters will be more.

New Levels In Clicker Monsters

Each level requires you to destroy enough monsters to progress to the new level. For example, level 1 will require you to kill 3 monsters while level 2 is 5 and level 3 is 10. The number will increase with each level. Note that you need to click on the arrow above the monster to change the level. You can advance to a higher level or go back to the previous level to play. It all depends on your decision.

Upgrades To Increase Click Damage In Clicker Monsters

Use your coins to unlock and upgrade the weapons in the inventory on the left side of the screen. These weapons cost from 13 coins to 5+ billion coins. Of course, their damage will also be different. Right from their appearance, you can also recognize this difference. To unlock the most powerful weapon, quickly earn coins from killing monsters.