Daily Jigsaw

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Daily Jigsaw provides endless entertainment over time for all players by arranging puzzle pieces to complete a complete picture and earn admirable stars.

Free Unlimited Jigsaw Puzzles

This puzzle game comes with loads of challenges because it's a game that happens every day. Every day, the game resets once and gives all players new challenges.

You can see this right from the main screen when it is displayed on the actual calendar. You can only join the challenge of that day, and you cannot access other days. It's like the law of time: it's endless but you can't access it before the time comes.

Daily Jigsaw For Adults

This jigsaw game is designed for all players, especially adults who are under too much pressure from life. Through this game, you can relieve pressure and immerse yourself in a colorful online entertainment environment. Beautiful pictures will always appear and wait for you to challenge them.

The way to conquer this Daily Jigsaw game is also very simple. You just need to arrange the puzzle pieces in their correct position until the picture is completed. During the game, you can use 3 basic functions of the game at the bottom of the screen.

Pressing the Edge button allows the edges of the puzzle to be displayed while the Shuffle key helps to erase and re-merge the puzzle pieces. In addition, the game will also suggest you through the Hint button. However, you need to pay attention to one condition: time. Time for each level is limited, so you should quickly complete your daily challenge. Following this puzzle game, Trap The Cat is also a great choice for you to test your intelligence and gain admirable achievements.