Hamster Town

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Hamster Town brings you to the world of hamsters where you can build a town and create an ideal living environment for your hamster inhabitants.

Login To Hamster Town And Get Rewards

This idle game gives you many unique features and one of them is reward. You can get daily rewards just by joining the game. Prizes range from sunflower seeds, cheese, apples to walnuts. These items are all essential for your hamster. However, you should be aware that you will have to restart the claim process if you miss a day.

How to Build Your Town

Let's start building with the simplest job: buy furniture to build a house for the hamster. Of course, this furniture will need coins to unlock. Even some items require you to reach a full level before buying them. This shopping also helps increase the happiness value of your hamster.

After that, don't forget to feed the hamster and play with your character. You can participate in mining challenges where items are hidden underground. Break the bricks to collect. Note that there will be ice that cannot be destroyed. This minigame is quite similar to Gold Miner where you also can take many precious minerals.

Moreover, you can also buy a new floor and attract more hamsters. This job will help you expand your town and make the game more interesting.