Pokémon Link

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Pokémon Link satisfies your fascination with pokémon with the visual side when you can view a series of pokémon pictures and match two similar pictures.

Like Zombie Shooter, this online game also includes many different levels and the difficulty of the levels will increase day by day. However, their basic rules are exactly the same.

Pokémon Link Basic Rules

When this entertaining game starts, you need to match the same pictures to remove them and get points for yourself. For each successful removal, you will get 10 points and 10 blood. This score will be totaled after each level.

However, when connecting, you need to pay attention to the position of the photos because not all photos can be connected immediately. They need to meet the requirements: use only 3 lines at most to connect. If there are more than 3 lines, you need to remove the other pictures first.

Other Factors To Keep In Mind

When playing Pokémon Link, you need to pay attention to the time factor which is indicated in the right sidebar. The time bar will decrease and decrease until the time is over or you win. Therefore, this online game can also be considered as a race against time.

Besides, you can perform a few other functions such as turning off or on the sound, changing the position of the pictures, and starting a new round. Note that repositioning pictures requires the use of blood which is generated after each successful removal.