Tank 1990

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Tank 1990 takes you to the wars of the 1990s when you need to control your tank to fight the enemy army. This war will be extremely fierce with heavy tanks.

Tank 1990 Modes

The mode of this game includes 2 options: 1 Player and 2 Players. The difference between these two modes is extremely clear. However, you should note that 2 players in 2P mode are allies. Together they will defend a common goal.

With these two modes, players have more options and more enjoyable experiences. Playing with your friends will bring many interesting situations and good laughs. The ability of your teammates will be enhanced when participating in this mode. In contrast, playing alone helps you hone your fighting and planning skills. Choose the mode based on your needs and conditions for the best experience.

Way To Control Tanks

In addition to game modes, don't forget to learn how to control your tank. In 1P mode, you just need to use the WASD keys to move and the spacebar to shoot. Player 1 in 2P mode will have the same control as the tank in 1P mode. Particularly player 2 will be controlled with arrow keys to move and 0 key to shoot.

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