Tiny Fishing

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Tiny Fishing is connected to the most popular fishing sport among gamers. Come to this game to drop a hook and collect many valuable fishes to get much profit.

How to Control Tiny Fishing

Fishing becomes simpler than ever when you just need to use your mouse to drag and move to the sides. The fish within your moving range will be caught. However, the number of caught fish will be limited to your hook. To increase the number of fish and profit, you need to upgrade your fishing rod.

Upgrade Items

In this Tiny Fishing game, you can upgrade a lot of items to bring a lot of profit. The first item is the hook. Not only can you buy different types of fishing hooks, but you can also upgrade them to catch more in one go. For example, you can only catch 3 fish at a time with the default hook, but it will increase to 4, 5, or other numbers after upgrading.

Besides, you can also increase the length of the fishing line to reach the deepest parts of the ocean where the most valuable fish are found. Note that this game also allows you to earn while offline. Don't forget to upgrade the amount you earn every minute while offline!

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